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What is behind UP4?

UP are the initials of Useful for Publishing. Our company provides an integral service for helping you to publish your research work in a top place. Services of edition and publication of research journals, books and organization of international scientific conferences are offered too.

Why 4 after UP?

This a funny play of words between "four" and "for". Reading as "four" it represents our four main servicies: helping you to publish your work, edition of journals, edition of books and organization of conferences. Reading as "for" represents our aim of being an useful tool for publishing sciences.

Lastest news

Call for papers: J. Diff. Eq. Appl.
october 21, 2015

Dear Researchers,

let us inform you that it is open the submission of papers for an issue of the journal  Journal of Difference Equations and Applications ISI/ JCR 2014: 0.693 (http://www.tandfonline.com/toc/gdea20/current) devoted to honor the memory of Professor Pedro José García-Laencina who passed away some months ago with 34 years old. Professor García-Laencina was a member of the Dynamical Systems Group of Región of Murcia in Spain.

Do not hesitate contact us for more information.


UP4 Sciences

International Conference on Applied Mathematics and Nonlinear Sciences, 25-27 October 2016, La Manga (Spain)
july 19, 2015

UP4, Institute of Sciences, S.L., organizes an International Conference on Applied Mathematics and Nonlinear Sciences from 25 to 27 October 2016 in an amazing location in the shore of the Small Sea in La Maga (Spain). More information on this scientific event can be found in the following link  http://appliedmathematics2016.up4sciences.org

XXV Congress on Differential Equations and Applications/XV Congress on Applied Mathematics, Cartagena (Spain), 2017
june 16, 2015

The Dynamical System Research Group of Region of Murcia (http://www.um.es/sistdinamicos/) has booked with UP4, Institute of Sciences, S.L. the integral organization of XXV Congress on Differential Equations and Applications/XV Congress on Applied Mathematics (CEDYA 2017) that will be held in Cartagena in 2017. 

Helping you to publish your work

We help you to publish your scientific work in the proper place. English and LaTeX re-writing of your manuscript, advising where to submit, revising your work till the final publication. Some times there are deep and good results published in not adequate places or simply not published for a bad submission election or simply for the not experience of the authors. Let us help you to avoid such troubles!!! Your work deserves our services!!! If for presenting your tax declaration you go to professionals do the same for publishing your scientific results!!! Keep the issue in our experienced hands!!!


As an innovative publisher, we offer value-packed publishing packages and a variety of high quality editorial and marketing services.


The Science is pushed when researchers are together discussing the new trends on each field. UP4, Institute of Sciences, S.L. provides integral organization services for all scientific events. Researchers only must take care on Science, we do the rest. Let everything on our hands!!!

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